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Need more personalized attention? Whether you need a session or two to get you jump-started or a longer-term mentorship, I would love to consult with you and chat one-on-one about any business-related issues, questions or concerns. Any part of my quilting journey is up for discussion, from machine quilting to getting published.

Conducted via Skype or good old-fashioned telephone, your consulting session will be customized to your situation. For more information, please view this information letter.



Invaluable Advice

When I first started thinking about making quilting my business, I wasn’t sure how to go about getting started or what things I needed to consider.  Angela, with her passion for quilting and her experience in the industry, truly has an authentic desire to help quilters achieve their goals, personally or professionally.  Her thoughtful pointers and suggestions have helped me to move forward and also provided things to think about for the future as my business grows.

Mandy Leins